The Prodigy Chronicles 1-3




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Now available - the first three books in The Prodigy Chronicles! Ebook version is live on Amazon K/U. Paperback set includes three signed books and, for a limited time, a free Prodigy candle!


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For fans of Legend and Divergent comes a gripping story of choice, resilience, and the balance between power and responsibility.


Welcome to the year 2160.


A catastrophic war between normals and prodigies left Earth in ruins. Over time, Core cities were built to house the victors—evolved humans with skills that gave them the power to rule. Now, two classes of humanity exist. If you’re lucky enough to be a prodigy, you have the chance at a decent life.


If you’re a normal, well…good luck surviving.


This Hunger Games meets X-men world sets the stage for a young girl whose secrets are dragged painfully into the open. Join Willow on her journey from lowly villager to confused elite—to something that could shake the very foundation of the Core.


The Prodigy Chronicles box set contains the first three books in the series:




The Core wants her DNA.

She wants her freedom.

Let the game begin.


In Earth’s battle-ridden future, humans have evolved. Those with extraordinary skills rise to power and fame. Those without live in poverty.


Sixteen-year-old Willow Kent believed she was normal. But when a genetically-advanced military officer shows up in her village and questions her identity, long-buried secrets begin to emerge. With remarkable skills and a shocking genetic code the Core and its enemies will do anything to obtain, Willow suddenly finds the freedom she craves slipping through her fingers. Greed, corruption, and genetic tampering threaten every aspect of her existence as she’s thrust, unwilling, into the sophisticated culture of the elite Core city. To ensure peace, she must leave the past behind, marry a man she’s never met, and submit to the authority of a relentless officer with a hidden agenda of his own.


Her life has become a dangerous game. How much will she sacrifice in order to win?


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Three simple rules.

One secret skill.

Let the game continue.


In 2012, one cycle of an ancient calendar system came to a close. Humanity predicted its downfall, but it wasn't the end of their evolutionary climb. It was the beginning.


Willow Kent is discovering that life as a second-phase prodigy comes at a price. Trapped in the London Core, her choices are limited, made difficult by her forbidden romance with Reece and the presence of a new commanding officer who establishes harsh rules. With unpredictable skills and a growing distrust in her birth parents, she is struggling to play the Core's game. But when opportunity arises in the form of a mysterious shapeshifter, Willow realizes there's more to her own evolution than meets the eye. She soon learns that keeping secrets is a key move, and the more dangerous they are, the greater her need to evolve into the powerful prodigy nature intended her to become.


But those closest to her have their own secrets, and her status has made her an easy target for betrayal. Who will she turn to…when nothing is as it seems?


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Half butterfly, half tiger.

All deadly weapon.



In 2160, humanity is divided. The ruling class of prodigies dictates law and order for all, while normals fight to survive. Only the Councils in charge of advanced Core cities can decide the fate of a traitor.


A life of luxury is Willow Kent’s destiny. As long as she plays within the boundaries of the Core’s game, she can have anything she wants. Anything except for her friend Kane to avoid execution. Driven by guilt, she negotiates a secret Meta-X exchange to free him. But when a new threat emerges—one even her rare skill level cannot withstand—the stakes become dangerously high. To save Kane, she must navigate the slippery political terrain that surrounds her House, her mysterious Guardian, and the corrupt, unforgiving Council.


The most lethal terrain, however, lurks inside her own mind. Can she overcome her skillset before its savage intentions spiral out of control?


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