Because of him, I was a wild card. An unpredictable draw. He had, with a good heart and Core gold, set me free.

I was now ready to return the favor.


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Gauntlet (The Prodigy Chronicles #3)


In 2160, humanity is divided. The ruling class of prodigies dictates law and order for all, while normals fight to survive. Only the Councils in charge of advanced Core cities can decide the fate of a traitor.


A life of luxury is Willow Kent’s destiny. As long as she plays within the boundaries of the Core’s game, she can have anything she wants. Anything except for her friend Kane to avoid execution. Driven by guilt, she negotiates a secret Meta-X exchange to free him. But when a new threat emerges—one even her rare skill level cannot withstand—the stakes become dangerously high. To save Kane, she must navigate the slippery political terrain that surrounds her House, her mysterious Guardian, and the corrupt, unforgiving Council.


The most lethal terrain, however, lurks inside her own mind. Can she overcome her skillset before its savage intentions spiral out of control?





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"The captivating hero plays a dangerous game…will keep readers addicted to turning the pages…A deep dive into recognizable SF territory that’s made compelling by rich characterizations and details." -Kirkus Reviews


"I absolutely LOVED this installment. It was super rich, with lots of character growth, fantastic twists & turns...a thoroughly satisfying read, start to finish...this is brilliant, and I think readers are going to love every second of it." -Kisa Whipkey, Editor at REUTS Publications


"Woah, absolutely loved this addition to The Prodigy Chronicles. C.L. Denault has gone above and beyond in her writing to add in so much story, with precise description and detail in the perfect amount of time, without being overwhelming! The growth and impressive connection in Willows relationships to others and herself is A+++!" -Britt O, reader


"Denault's books keep getting better! Gauntlet is so detailed and descriptive that you can clearly see the characters in your mind as you read. This third book in the series is exciting and addictive. I did not want it to end! Great job by a great author!!" -Rita Agenstein, Rita's Reviews





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