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"You’re dealing with elements you don’t yet understand. This city is a chessboard. Here, you either play—or get played.”


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Gambit (The Prodigy Chronicles #1)


In Earth’s battle-ridden future, humans have evolved. Those with extraordinary skills rise to power and fame. Those without live in poverty.


Sixteen-year-old Willow Kent believed she was normal. But when a genetically-advanced military officer shows up in her village and questions her identity, long-buried secrets begin to emerge. With remarkable skills and a shocking genetic code the Core and its enemies will do anything to obtain, Willow suddenly finds the freedom she craves slipping through her fingers. Greed, corruption, and genetic tampering threaten every aspect of her existence as she's thrust, unwilling, into the sophisticated culture of the elite Core city. To ensure peace, she must leave the past behind, marry a man she's never met, and submit to the authority of a relentless officer with a hidden agenda of his own.


Her life has become a dangerous game. How much will she sacrifice in order to win?


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"Denault has done an amazing job at subtle developments of every character – they’re strong, and hold their own.”

-Serious Reading


"Denault carefully constructs a dystopian future world, giving it fullness, complexity, and consistency...Complex worldbuilding provides a strong backbone for this well-written start to a planned series with a resolute heroine."

-Kirkus Reviews


"Enthralling, edge-of-your-seat YA science fiction novel. All too often, the YA novel lacks substance, lacks a purpose. Gambit is memorable, thought-provoking, and the kind of book we need our kids to read. It inspires travel and trying new things, learning, growing, and MORE READING. The character development of Reece is most astonishing. Can't wait for more from this author."

-Kayla V, reader



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