The Prodigy Chronicles: History

February 16, 2016

Willow and the rest of the Gambit cast didn't get where they are today without significant changes in human evolution. For those of you who are curious, here's a big-picture, journalistic view of what the Mayan prediction was really all about.








The year is 2012, and all around the globe, mankind is preparing. Some plan for celebrations. Some pray for spiritual transformation.


And some…are prepping for the apocalypse.


Archaeologists claim the big day will arrive on our winter solstice: December 21, 2012. According to Mayan legend, that date marks the end of the Long Count and the beginning of a new age for our planet. What will it bring? Transformation? Salvation? Or simply destruction?


The Doomsday theory reigns supreme, and speculation runs wild about just how Earth will be destroyed. We might burn to death from disproportionate solar flares, be pulled apart by the nearest black hole, or collide with another planet. But it matters little how Earth will end.


All that matters is trying to survive.








The year is 2020, and prodigies are flourishing. Instead of an apocalypse, the end of the Mayan Long Count signaled a galactic alignment that triggered changes in Earth’s energy field. Residual vibrations activated something unusual in our DNA. Something previously undetected by scientists.


Something that, long dormant, began to manifest in human adolescents.


The government calls them prodigies, and they make up more than 30 percent of the world’s population. They are celebrities, freely displaying their skills for all to see. Pairing up, they are giving birth to a new, pure-bred generation. They are the next level of human evolution. They are miracles.


And they are becoming a threat.








The year is 2032, and the governments of the world have banded together to hunt down and eliminate all prodigies. The theory of Vibrational Frequency Factor (published in 2030 by Israeli biologist Omri Pirzad) is being used to create weapons that will destroy prodigies at the cellular level.


Long-term effects of these weapons on our environment is unknown.


The Global Alliance of Prodigies, an underground political movement also known as GAP, is fighting back. Half the world’s satellites have been destroyed, and rumors of economic sabotage are rampant. Every nation is in upheaval.


Adding to the recent death toll are massive earthquakes in Los Angeles and Nepal. When asked if these disasters were related to the improper use of prodigy weapons, NATO spokesperson Donya Digrazia declined to comment.


But she assures us that the governments have everything under control, and that this prodigy “uprising” will soon come to an end.








The year is 2045, and Earth is badly damaged. The vibrational weapons used to destroy prodigies had tragic and lasting effects on the surface of our planet. Mountains fell, seas evaporated, and shorelines crumbled into the ocean. In some regions, weather patterns were permanently altered.


The brief war promised by NATO lasted thirteen years…long enough to devastate the planet and reduce the human population by 42 percent. Both sides suffered tremendous losses, but in the end, GAP triumphed. An American faction, The Order of Abraham, who had been secretly fighting for prodigy emancipation, financed and distributed the electromagnetic pulse devices that gave GAP their final advantage.


Prodigies are now in power. Countries with enough resources have pulled together and agreed to cooperate in an effort to rebuild. They are planning designs for Core cities, environmentally-sensitive communities with prodigy councils to oversee and manage residents.


For the first time in over a decade, there is hope.








The year is 2160, and all around the globe, countries are in awe of the Core city that was once known as London. A city saved, in part, by the heroic efforts of one man: Callayo Roanoke.


Known for its advancements in technology and biomedical engineering, the London Core (officially named Callayo by its Council) has adapted well to the limitations of our recovering planet. Their military force is unprecedented, and their progress in solar tech and blue energy have set them apart, making them the gold standard for Core cities everywhere.


But they are not without their struggles.


Callayo’s reigning industries—the Houses of Tiernam and Roanoke—have long been locked in a battle for power. After a century of fighting, the Council proposed a merger-by-marriage between the industries, on the basis that all parties retain DNA rights to any offspring. A contract was drawn up, reviewed, and passed by Council Majority in April of 2144.


Attempts by protestors and rebel groups to nullify the contract have been squashed by the city’s advanced Core military.


A recent upheaval threatened the merger when it was discovered that the Roanoke heiress was, in fact, an imposter. The Roanokes have denied any involvement in this deception and claim it was the work of rebel activists trying to sabotage the peace efforts of the Council. The true heiress was discovered alive and well in an outlying village and returned safely to the Core, in spite of multiple attacks on her life. But it matters little if she fulfills the contract.


To her, all that matters is trying to survive.



Image Credit: 2012 Doomsday, Mutant DNA, Prodigy War (modified by C.L. Denault), Recovering Earth, The London Core



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