Gauntlet Cover Reveal & Trailer

July 21, 2021


Hey, guys! The time has come for Gauntlet's cover reveal, and I'm sooo excited to share the amazing work Savana did for the third installment of Willow's adventure. Below are the cover, tag line, and book description. Drum roll please...





Half butterfly, half tiger. All deadly weapon. Game on.


In 2160, humanity is divided. The ruling class of prodigies dictates law and order for all, while normals fight to survive. Only the Councils in charge of advanced Core cities can decide the fate of a traitor.


A life of luxury is Willow Kent’s destiny. As long as she plays within the boundaries of the Core’s game, she can have anything she wants. Anything except for her friend Kane to avoid execution. Driven by guilt, she negotiates a secret Meta-X exchange to free him. But when a new threat emerges—one even her rare skill level cannot withstand—the stakes become dangerously high. To save Kane, she must navigate the slippery political terrain that surrounds her House, her mysterious Guardian, and the corrupt, unforgiving Council.


The most lethal terrain, however, lurks inside her own mind. Can she overcome her skillset before its savage intentions spiral out of control?



What do you think of the cover? For me, it was love at first sight. I'm a huge fan of purple anyway, and adding Joshua's image made it even more thrilling. Many of the elements hint at plot points, so overall, it's a super good fit for the story.


And the trailer is ready, too. I love the drama in this one! This is the "Coming Soon" version (I'll publish an official version later). It's high-def, so use your HD setting for the best quality:




(Trailer Design by TIA Design Services)


Kudos to my designers for their incredible work in bringing the characters and settings to life in these amazing visuals. I hope this whets your appetite for the upcoming novel!


Speaking of, my target date for Gauntlet's release is August 25th. I'm meeting with my beta team in a few days (to go over last-minute changes) and hope to get this to my editor within the next week. I'm a little behind schedule, though. If I've put her in a time crunch and need to push the release date back, I'll post the new date out here. I'm a stickler for quality and want this as polished as it can be before sending it out into the world.


Hope you enjoyed the reveal! Take care and have an awesome day!





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