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November 08, 2021





Well, it's finally here! After implementing lots of helpful feedback from my editor, I'm pleased to announce that the Kindle version of Gauntlet is now available on Amazon. By far the most complex book in the series, this one levels up on action, politics, and technology. Older plot threads are neatly tied, while new ones come into play. You'll meet some new characters, too!


You can purchase directly or read it for free on Kindle Unlimited. Click on the links below for a preview (the "Look Inside" material) or to visit the product page:


Free Kindle Preview | Amazon/KU


And if you haven't seen the trailer yet, here is the current version:



(Trailer Design by TIA Design Services)


A Gauntlet paperback is coming soon, and the next book, Storm, is well underway. My daughter is also working on a "Prodigy Chronicles" scent line...oil combos, body sprays, candles, etc. She's a whiz at that sort of thing, and so many of my characters have signature scents that she couldn't resist creating a product line for her shop. I'll add a merch page out here when she's done.


That's all for now! Have an awesome week and take care!





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