New 'Box Set' Available

December 07, 2021



Hey, guys! Just a quick note that the first three books in The Prodigy Chronicles are now available as a "set" in ebook and paperback formats.


This option came about for a couple of reasons. The first is so that Kindle Unlimited readers can try all three books with one borrow. Secondly, I've had readers ask for a way to purchase the paperbacks as a group. They've always been available separately, and this can get pricey for those who want them all at once at reasonable shipping costs. Hence, the "box set" option.


Note: The cool box in the photo is just a graphic. I wish I knew a way to create that in reality! But lots of authors use a box element to advertise grouped ebooks, so I followed the norm.


Oh! And as a holiday special, I've lowered the paperback prices ($10.99 each)...and will send a free Prodigy candle with any order of Gauntlet (they smell awesome)!



Click the links below for more info, and share if you'd like. Thanks so much!


Amazon/KU | Box Set Details Page



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