Gauntlet Teaser 6-9-21

June 09, 2021


GAUNTLET (Edit Phase)

Chapter 37 Teaser





“Consider it done.” Rising, he tucked a startled Ollie in beside me, and I took advantage of his closeness by wrapping my arms around his neck. Sighing, I drew him in close for a hug.


“Willow,” he laughed. “I need to go.”


“A moment longer.” Holding him tightly, I soaked in the heat emanating from his body. My lips twitched when he snuggled his face into my neck. His arm snaked around me, pulling me against him. “Just what I needed.”


Reece smiled against my skin. “You’re playing with fire.”


I didn’t care. After Kristoffe’s abrupt violent streak, having Reece this close felt like heaven. He was warm and strong and safe. Everything I’d ever wanted. I squeezed him hard before easing back, my hands on his face, my eyes staring into his.


“Kiss me goodnight,” I breathed.


One corner of his mouth quirked. “I already did.”


“Not properly.”


His smile faded, and my heart throbbed when his arm tightened around me. Pulling me into a sitting position, he slid his fingers into my hair. He leaned close, head slanted, lips hovering just over mine.


My breath stopped.


“Properly?” he whispered.


I nodded, waiting.




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