Character Bio: Toby

February 11, 2019







"Fame and disaster go hand in hand in this city.

You can't have one without the other."



Nickname: Toby

Status: Prodigy

Primary Skill: Advanced Biological Alteration & Transfer (Meta-X)


Age: 20

Birthplace: London Core

Raised in: Hillford Division

Accent: British, informal with a slow, lazy drawl


Physical Characteristics: lean and ropy, 6-feet tall, blond hair, blue eyes with sparkles


Personality: laid back, easygoing, charming and flirtatious, clever, often witty






Identifying a prodigy isn't easy. Mental and kinetic skills often go unnoticed until the person decides to reveal them, and physical skills can be masked by clothing. Only a DNA test can verify the truth, leaving many prodigies free to keep their abilities private.


For Toby Cartier, privacy was never an option. Thanks to his sparkling eyes, he was always spotted right off and became an easy target for anyone wanting to benefit from his mimicking skill. The ability to assume another person's physical appearance and voice got him into all kinds of trouble with family, friends—even the law. And his Meta-X gene only made it worse. Deemed untrustworthy, he spent most of life either persecuted or ignored. He eventually found refuge as a street dealer, constantly shifting his appearance to keep rival drug gangs from hunting him down and eliminating him.


It wasn't until his brother, Rad, rescued him that Toby's life and emotional state became more stabilized. Also a mimic, Rad was the only person who could sympathize with Toby's plight and definitely the only one who appreciated his Meta-X gene. Together, they came up with a plan to escape the persecution of the Core and get to a place where their skills would be prized.


That plan is set fully into motion in Mimic, when Toby meets Willow and realizes she has no idea what he can do. Using his charm and a powerful subliminal technique, he gets to her in a way she cannot deny. Time and again, they are subconsciously brought together, until he discovers that she's more than what she seems. He promises to keep quiet about it. But given what Rad is up to these days, it's going to be tricky. 


Their plan just got a lot more complicated.





The Core is a reeling combination of fame and disaster, and no one knows better than Toby how hard it is to hide one's true identity. His challenges aren't lost on Willow. She's struggling with a strange new facet of her own identity, and while she doesn't trust Toby's mysterious agenda, part of her admires his resilience. He's playing the Core's game with a stealth she has yet to learn, and for some reason, he's chosen not to reveal her secret. And she won't reveal any of his. It's an extremely dangerous move, but she's making it. Like Fenn said, this city is a chessboard.


And the little Butterfly is playing to win.




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