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February 04, 2019







"You will do whatever I say, regardless. That's how it works here.

I decide the rules, and you follow them."



Nickname: Kris

Status: Genetically Enhanced Prodigy

Primary Skill: Kinetic Energy Absorption

Engineered Skill: Shield Defense in Full


Age: 23

Birthplace: Somerset Clinic, born via artificial womb

Raised in: Callayo Military Academy (Core Officer Program)

Accent: British, formal and clipped


Physical Characteristics: muscular, 6-foot-3, long brownish-blond hair, icy-blue eyes


Personality: arrogant, brutal, intelligent and calulating, extremely competitive 






The Core's military program is rigorous and demanding. Only the toughest, most tenacious recruits make it through Academy training. Pushed to their limits, they are required to overcome every fear and force themselves into levels of strength and violence they had never thought possible. That's what it takes to succeed. Those are the rules.


Commander Kristoffe knows the rules better than anyone. He put them into place, after all, and is the one who personally doles out discipline if they're broken. Any recruit who steps out of line must face him. And thanks to his primary skill, he's unstoppable. Ruling through fear and brutality, he is never one to show mercy.


Least of all, to Commander Reece.


Their relationship is tenuous at best. Both are survivors of radical experiments shut down by the Council, and both were raised with meticulous, painstaking care. As the Core's finest examples of genetically enhanced officers, they had their own privately funded program—one that made standard training look like a walk in the park. Confident and driven, they strived to best each other in every way.


So when the Roanokes offered Reece the elite position as head of Center security, Kristoffe was livid. He was the better choice, he told himself. He had an enviable skill and a nearly unbeatable sparring record. If anyone should be in charge of protecting the heiress, it was him. Instead, he stepped up as Head of the Callayo Military Academy. He would bide his time, waiting for Reece to make a mistake. Someday, he knew, his chance would come.


In Mimic, he gets that chance. Outraged at the security breach that led to the Chesapeake attack, Morry reaches out. He'd already warned her about Reece long ago, and now it seems she's ready to listen. Apparently, her newly-returned daughter is exhibiting problematic behavior.


And problematic behavior is Commander Kristoffe's specialty.





The childhood of a Core officer isn't an easy one. Reece said as much to Willow, but what he failed to mention are the numerous side effects that result from gene therapy. Unnaturally light blue eyes and the inability to lie only scratch the surface. A darker, more lurid potential lurks beneath the psyche of anyone who undergoes genetic enhancement. Mimic hints at this frightening potential, leaving Willow to wonder if Kristoffe is commander, man . . . or something much, much worse.




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