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December 28, 2018







"You’re dealing with elements you don’t yet understand. This city is a

chessboard. Here, you either play—or get played."



Nickname: Fenn

Status: Prodigy

Skill: Enhanced Intuition


Age: 51

Birthplace: Paris Core, France

Raised in: London Core, Waverly Division

Accent: British, formal and polished


Physical Characteristics: lean/athletic, 6-foot-2, short brown hair with sable streaks, green eyes


Personality: caring, generous, intelligent and resourceful, diplomatic, eager to please






As a pure-blooded prodigy from a noble bloodline, Fenn Roanoke is one man who's never known hardship. Born in the Paris Core, he relocated to the London Core at age nine with his parents, who wished to provide him (and his older sister) a better education. He had all the advantages currency could buy, including an upbringing in the luxurious Waverly division and access to the top-notch biomedical program offered at Imperial College London. 


Fenn's enhanced intuition skill came in handy at university. Mild-mannered and diplomatic, he navigated the political waters with ease, building on the accomplishments of his forebears to rise to the top of his class. And though he never let the industry war or romance get in the way of his studies, he kept one watchful eye on his fellow classmate Thadd Tiernam—and the other on Morry Tremaine.


She was everything he desired. Beautiful, talented, confident . . . and in possession of a kinetic skill, like the one his great-grandfather had used to save the city from destruction. But he wasn't the only man seeking Morry's favor. He'd been watching Thadd approach her for months and felt intuitively that she was responding to his rival's elite status. Upon discovering that her parents had reached out to his family regarding a betrothal contract, he wholeheartedly agreed to it, and just as wholeheartedly fell in love with the woman he'd chosen to wed.


Married life, for Fenn, was a dream. They had everything they could ever want. The only thing standing in the way of complete happiness was their inability to have a child. Morry's back-to-back miscarriages were taking a heavy toll. Sensing her growing frustration, he reached out to every medical team available. When he stumbled onto an untested fertility procedure—one that would work for a single pregnancy—he eagerly offered it to his wife. And the day his daughter was born, Fenn rejoiced. The industry conflict was over, and he finally had the chance to be a father.


He doted on his beloved Morrigan for years. She didn't resemble him or Morry much, but she had his mild disposition and, he hoped, carried the prodigy gene for telekinesis. So when she came out of her Surge with no skill and was deemed an imposter, his entire world fell apart. She meant everything to him, and so did his bloodline. Both were taken from him. Heartbroken, he was trying to pull the pieces of his life back together when Reece sent the astonishing message: his birth daughter had been found.


In Gambit, Fenn is once again rejoicing. Though still deeply attached to Morrigan, he forms an instant bond with Willow and tries to please her in every way. He can see that she's stubborn, like his wife, and does his best to temper her fiery demeanor with logic and compassion. He can also see that she harbors affection for Reece, and while he has great respect for the commander, Fenn knows that Willow's destiny lies in her alliance with the Tiernams. Using patience and quiet wisdom, he relies on his intuition to chart the rocky political terrain in which he now finds himself.


However, it's getting rather complicated. Morry, Willow, Reece, Mercer, the Tiernams. They're all trying to win the game. Unfortunately, he can't be everything to everyone, and when it comes to bringing stability to his House, Fenn realizes it's going to be an incredibly tough job protecting his family—and his reputation.





Diplomacy is Fenn's middle name. Or it should be, rather, since he's anxiously having to ramp up his diplomatic efforts in Mimic to keep peace between his wife and daughter. There's also the House of Tiernam to deal with, and after the way Willow treated Thess in the stable yard, Fenn has his work cut out for him. Then his hot-headed wife goes and hires Commander Kristoffe to oversee Roanoke security. Knowing this doesn't bode well for anyone involved, Fenn sets about trying to smooth things over.


But disaster seems to be inevitable. As an intuitive, he quickly gauges the animosity between the two officers and jumps in to negotiate. And not just between them, but also Morry and Willow, who are bumping heads every time he turns around. Worse, their House is in dire need of a security upgrade. Fenn doesn't trust nickelbacks one bit, but he knows he must do something to keep Willow's burgeoning skillset from bringing the Roanoke empire—the one his family built, and the one he's worked for years to live up to and maintain—crashing down around them.


Something else is bothering him, too. Something that blindsides him in the middle of a rebel attack, as panic and chaos send the people he cares about running for cover. There's a powerful force inside his daughter. He doesn't understand it, but his intuition senses it keenly. He's felt it only once before, in one other person, and the idea that it might consume the girl he's brought into his heart and home worries him. He's doing all he can to protect her from their enemies.


But he's not sure he can protect her from herself.





Blood connection is a priority to Fenn. He places a great deal of importance on the Roanoke name, and Gambit shows his sincere willingness to make Willow's transition into her new elite existence one of ease and luxury. That willingness doesn't abate in Mimic, even when her evolving skillset and unpredictable behavior put his diplomacy skills sorely to the test.


He's a man of infinite patience. Accomplishment runs in his family. He'll use every last ounce of his intuition to show Willow who she really is—a pure-blood with superb DNA and influential ancestry—and guide her toward her destiny. From his perspective, she's the key to the future success of the Core. No matter how rough things get, he will stand behind her.




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