Starling Teaser #6

August 13, 2019


Sixth teaser for The Last Starling . . .




Post #6




Gramps is ready.

He’s had his coffee, marked the yard, and showered. Freshly shaved and dressed in a clean oxford and jeans, his coppery-silver hair combed back, he looks dressed to kill.

And I mean that literally.

We’re gathered around the pitted door in Uncle Scott’s house, going over our plan. It’s time to have a go at the Trespasser. Try to extract what it knows. Gramps glances down at the rugged blue duffel in his hand, then looks at each of us.

“You all know what to do?”

We nod in unison as he activates our link. From this point on, we’ll take orders mentally. One of the most intimidating things about us, when we hunt, is our teamwork. We’re strong, silent killers. Splitting up, sneaking in, forming a strategy—it’s all done as one, making us practically unbeatable.

We’ll see how it works with interrogation.



Image Credit: Wolf Pack




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