Starling Teaser #5

August 05, 2019


Fifth teaser for The Last Starling . . .




Post #5




A raspy hoot rings out nearby. Turning my head, I see Boo perched in the Starling, ghostly white against the branches. He spreads his wings and floats toward us. With a graceful swoop, he lands on one of the deck posts. He glances briefly at Aiden. Then stares at me.


“Jeez.” Aiden sits up. “That thing gives me the creeps.” He rises and turns toward the house. “I’m going in to get some more sleep. Check on my dad, will you?”


“Sure.” I have the next shift anyway. Gramps won’t let us leave the Trespasser alone, so the three of us are on vamp-watch while Dad stays home with Jordy.


Aiden goes inside. The back door slams, and all is quiet.


Boo’s still staring.


I stare back for a while, but end up blinking away. I don’t want to win tonight. His earlier disappointment got to me. If that’s even what it was. Maybe I dreamed it up, or misunderstood it. I wasn’t exactly thinking straight at the time.


Grabbing my water glass, I get up. “G’night, Boo.”


Walking toward the back door, I feel a weird vibration across my mental link. Not from my uncle or Aiden. There are no words, just a tiny shiver, like a guitar string being plucked.


Halting, I turn and look at Boo.


He ruffles his feathers. Stares.


“You still mad?” I ask, wondering why I’m doing it. It’s a stupid thing, really, talking to him. He’s an owl. Not a dream-raven.


But then a feeling rushes through me—similar to the one I felt in the Starling after projecting my wolf-thought at him. It’s warm, almost humbling. After a moment of disbelief, I recognize it.

I shake my head, thinking I’ve gone crazy. Then the feeling returns, stronger than before, and I finally get it.


Boo forgives me.


Image Credit: Snowy Owl



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