Starling Teaser #4

July 26, 2019

Fourth teaser for The Last Starling . . .


P.S. Manuscript sent to my editor. Getting closer!




Post #4





What the hell? My head snaps up, and the tingling comes back with a vengeance. Warning me. Danger—we’re in danger. From what, I’m not sure, but my instincts are screaming. Without thinking, I reach out to grab Simone, pull her away from the tree.


The instant my fingers touch hers, a swarm descends.


They hit me fast. I reel backward, covering my head with my arms. A cluster of feathered bodies swoops down on me, past me. Circles me. I back away, swatting wildly. Crying out.

They follow. Pummel me with their warm bodies.


My heart races. I feel the blood rush through my veins, feel my body tingle. Feel the desire to Shift. It hits hard and strong, brought on by the threat and the wild thumping of my heart.


No. Not now.


I try to fight it. But my skin burns, itches. Ripples. My back arches in agonizing pain. Shit, I can’t stop it. Wings brush across my skin, again and again, as I frantically strip off my clothes and drop to my hands and knees.


The change shudders through me. I sweat. Groan at the pain, at the futility of being unable to stop—but mostly at the terrible fact that this is happening in the presence of a human. An innocent one, scared and alone, but still a human.


One I’ll have to kill.


Pain rises to a crescendo. Time stops. My breath stops.


And then I’m fully a wolf.





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The Last Starling

Horror and deep magick lurk in this YA gothic fantasy about a teenage werewolf who must decide how far he'll go to save his mortal enemy.


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