Shadows and Sorcery

May 28, 2019






Hey, guys! An author friend of mine, C.C. Dowling, has just released a new book as part

of a set called Shadows and Sorcery. A collection of urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels, this set is sure to thrill you with cloak and dagger tales, forbidden sorcery, and

all manner of things that go bump in the night.


And for a limited time, you can get all 20+ novels for $0.99!







The offer expires on Sunday, so don't miss out!


Available on:  Amazon, Apple Books, B&N, and Kobo


Happy Release Day, C.C.!


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Horror and deep magick lurk in this YA gothic fantasy about a teenage werewolf who must decide how far he'll go to save his mortal enemy.



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