New Mimic Trailer

April 19, 2021


Hello and Happy Monday!


Just popping in to announce that the new trailer for Mimic is out. I'm super impressed with the designer putting these together. She does a fantastic job with music selection, special effects, and phrase timing. If you haven't caught the trailer on social media, here it is:



(Trailer Design by TIA Design Services)


She's currently working on the Gauntlet trailer, which I will share at some point during the book launch. And speaking of Gauntlet, I included its first two chapters at the end of Mimic. So if you're interested, you can get a sneak preview!


One last thing. Gambit and Mimic paperbacks are now available on Amazon. Just click the links below. FYI - I'm also publishing them on Barnes & Noble. They're in review now and have to be approved before I can order proof copies. I'll add the B&N links to the book pages here on the site once they're published.


Gambit Paperback | Mimic Paperback


Hope your week is off to a great start,





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