Kindle Countdown Sale

June 01, 2021



Ready for an ebook sale? If so, I'm running a Kindle Countdown promo this week! The ebook versions of Gambit and Mimic are on sale for 99 cents each. They're normally $2.99, so this puts them at around 65 percent off. Mimic has a bit of a bonus...a sneak preview of Gauntlet's cover, along with the first two chapters. So if you're on a budget and have been wondering about the third book in the series, now is the perfect time to snag a discounted copy!


I do have some news on the Gauntlet front: the rough draft is finally finished!


Yay, right? I felt pretty good about typing that last sentence. There is definitely a lot of editing work ahead. This book is considerably longer than the other two, so each pass will take more time, and I need to focus hard on streamlining. I'm also running on a more restricted work schedule due to family issues. This will take some serious determination.


But I promise to do the best I can. My current goal is to have Gauntlet available for either a late August or early September release. Xpresso Tours will be doing the official cover reveal and then the launch blitz. I have a very cool trailer ready...if you enjoyed the first two, you'll love this one. The designer really outdid herself!


Click here to view the discounted series. Please note that Kindle Countdown sales are only available in the Amazon US and UK marketplaces, and the sale ends at midnight on June 6th. Take care and have a great day!






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