June 2016 Giveaway!

June 20, 2016

Hey, guys!


What's cooler than starting a book blog and having over 11K visitors in six months? Celebrating your marvelous success with a milestone giveaway! That's exactly what Shealea over at That Bookshelf Bitch is doing right now...


...and I'm honored to be a part of it. 






In fact, I was so happy to particpate that I talked Heather from By the Lake Designs into putting together a couple of butterfly pendants to go with the signed paperbacks. She did a fantastic job...they look just like something a McKaireth villager would wear.






But I'm not the only participant. There are five prize packages total, including awsome books by Nicole Loufas, Jessica Peterson, Danika Stone, and more! 






Hurry...the giveaway ends midnight June 30...don't miss out!

(Oh, and be sure to follow Shealea on Twitter. She'd love to have you!) 


Thanks, everyone, and good luck! :)



Image Credit: Gambit Giveaway, My Little Butterfly



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